About US

ROCKAL Is a leading Egyptian producer of building insulation materials. ROCKAL offers reliable and effective insulation products for construction companies, and contractors in Egypt, Gulf & Europe

With experience of more than 20 years in the insulation business by our founders and 15 years of experience as manufacturers and distributors of different insulation materials, we have a good overview of the market needs and requirements, which by years of experience, we managed to deliver with maximum efficiency.

ROCKAL is proud to offer up-to-date state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies that support the construction revolution and mega projects worldwide and reflect on price as well.

Products & Services

Thermal, Fire & Acoustic insulation:

Rockwool   – Glass wool – Supreme Fiber – K-flex

HVAC accessories:

Flexible duct insulated & uninsulated – Flexible duct connector

Anchor pins  – Aluminum jacketing –Stick up pin – Bands & clamps

Aluminum foil tape – Adhesive

Duct Sealant   – Calcium silicate pipe support

Wooden pipe support – PIR

Waterproofing Materials:

App Membrane – SBS Membrane

Rock prime WB  – Rock prime RB

Rock coat WB – Rock coat RB

XPS FOAM – Geotextile



Ministries District  – Business District New Capital   

Prime Ministry Building – Grand Egyptian Museum

Al Masa New Capital – Sports Complex New Capital

Presidential Complex – Alameian – KISU Ras Sudr

Al Masa Hotel Alamein – R5 Residential Complex

Al-Azhar Library  – Parliament Building

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